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Maningrida Arts & Culture (MAC),


is one of Australia’s largest and longest running art centres. Established in 1973 as a means to support artists on homelands, the Maningrida brand has developed into one of the most reputable and sought after in the industry. The past year has been one of immense change at MAC and the art centre has emerged in a strong position. MAC has moved into its impressive new premises next to the Maningrida Airport, which will increase exposure and visitor numbers. MAC’s full team of staff are on board and looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead. MAC’s reputation for quality, diversity and integrity is cemented in the art industry and MAC is working hard to maintain this position. MAC is an integral part of the community and continues to provide valuable career development for its staff in the arts industry, support the region’s renowned and emerging talent and maintain its role as a cultural keeping place.

Apolline Kohen, How Maningrida fibre artists market their work

How Maningrida artists market their work was delivered by Apolline Kohen as part of the Selling Yarns conference held in Darwin in 2006. Kohen's paper demonstrated how Maningrida fibre artists adapted their skills and invented new forms of fibre art to gain further recognition as artists and to get a greater financial return.

Apolline Kohen

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