Ivan Namirkki

Ivan Namirrkki

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Born : 1960
Language : Kuninjku
Moiety : Yirridjdja
Country : Kurrurldurl
About the Artist :
We have been all around the world to exhibitions. I am the voice of this Artists group and a strong man; a proud traditional owner who is happy to inform my peoples of our future in telling stories around the world. We are thinking about our history, always thinking as we are creating and learning, and my family put their stories on some bark and some rocks here in this country. For my kids and grand kids to learn and teach their kids and grand kids, I think this is really wonderful. This is really important to me and the people of this community, so that this story can me strong story, one that is passed on for future generations. We sue red, black and white from this place and put on bark. It looks like a good strong story.

  • Ivan Namirrkki - Stone country

    Ivan Namirrkki

    Stone country
    Natural pigments on bark
    170 x 67 cm

    In this painting, Ivan Namirrkki has depicted a creek at Kudjaldorrdo located near his outstation. This creek is a sacred site associated with Ngalyod, the rainbow serpent. Ngalyod is very important in Kuninjku cosmology and is associated with the creation of sacred sites in Kuninjku clan lands. Ngalyod has both powers of creation and destruction, and is most strongly associated with the monsoon season, bodies of water and waterfalls, and rainbows.

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